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International Wildlife Consultants International Wildlife Consultants (UK) Ltd.


IWC was incorporated in 2006 from a family-run business dating back to 1983. It is an umbrella company covering a range of activities:
  • IWC undertakes short and long-term consultancies with international clients on conservation, animal welfare, legal issues, event management and heritage, mainly focussed on birds of prey.
  • IWC manages five farms in Wales and two in England.
  • IWC organises events such as the International Festival of Falconry.
  • Fox Falcons breeds domestic falcons for racing and hunting in the Middle East.
  • Wingbeat Ltd produces robotic birds for falcon training and pest control. www.rofalconry.com
  • Mickelbo Ltd manages around 60 properties in UK and New Zealand.
  • The Bevis Trust is a not-for-profit company covering our conservation work in UK. www.bevistrust.com
  • • The Vowley Management Company is a new start-up to manage our falcon training and racing facilities in England.