• Horse activities

We have excellent horse facilities, including stables, schooling areas and well hedged fields. We have our own horses (Arabs and Anglo-Arabs) and we also have considerable experience breaking and working horses in harness. We would plan on keeping two cob types that can be used for a variety of purposes on the farm including forestry work as well as riding. There is potential for horse-owner to bring their horses with them. This is getting more and more popular, especially as many roads nowadays are congested and dangerous. The farm has some undulating and challenging terrain.

We have about 40 cross-country jumps on the farm allowing rides of about 8 km (5 miles). We have natural hedges, banks, open ditches, streams, poles and a few ‘rider frighteners’. We have run the Northumberland Crow Falcons since 1991 and in July the falcons and horses are all getting fit before heading north for the start of hawking in August.

Activities at the Bevis Centre