• Falconry

We held courses in falconry here until 1988. We have facilities for keeping and flying hawks, such as Harris Hawks, and a variety of edible game such as rabbits and pheasants for them to catch. We keep over 200 falcons of our own as well as falcons belonging to the Queen, Prince Andrew and the Royal Families of the United Arab Emirates.

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Based on the farm is International Wildlife Consultants Ltd (www.falcons.co.uk). IWC breeds about 300 falcons each year for falconry around the world. We have made a 10 part series of educational films on bird of prey management and have been instrumental in establishing the LANTRA Awards for bird of prey management (www.lantra-awards.co.uk/catalogue/falconry ). We manage conservation projects around the world, especially in Asia (www.mefrg.org ). We work on falconry heritage issues including preparing the international submission to UNESCO. This resulted in the successful Inscription of Falconry on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Mankind in 2010 (www.unesco.org/culture/ich/en/RL/00442).
We run the International Festivals of Falconry (www.falconryfestival.com ) involving 78 nations:

IWC also hosts the charity The Falconry Heritage Trust which has an endowment fund for scholars of falconry and manages the electronic archive of falconry (www.falconryheritage.org ). IWC employs about 20 staff on site and teams of staff and students in range countries where projects are underway. Internships are also offered during the summer months. IWC is currently working on the concept of a World Academy of Falconry, centred on Abu Dhabi, preparing distance learning materials and training tutors.

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